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Trumbull County Combined Health District
194 W. Main St.
Cortland, OH 44410

Office:    (330) 675-2489
Clinic:     (330) 675-2590
TDD:        (800) 750-0750

Fax:         (330) 675-2494

Phone Hours:    8:00 am to 3:30 pm
Office  Hours:    8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Email:  Trumbull County Board of Health


After hour’s Emergency Only calls to the health department: 4:00 PM to 8:00 AM and all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays:

Call the main phone number 330-675-2590.

  • A pre-recorded message directs caller to press option #8 for emergencies.

  • The caller is prompted to leave a message with their name, concern, and phone number.

Staff Directory

First Name  Last Name  Email Address Division/Bureau Title Phone Number
Stacey Altiere Nursing Family Support Specialist 330-675-7820
Jenna Amerine Administrative Grants Coordinator 330-675-7807
Johnna  Ben Administrative Administrative Coordinator 330-675-7832
Dan  Bonacker Administrative Accreditation Coordinator 330-675-7808
Mike  Burke Environmental Public Health Inspector 330-675-7815
Julie  Callen Nursing Secretary 330-675-7831
Jan Chickering Nursing Secretary 330-675-7835
Ericka Clark Nursing Epidemiologist 330-675-7819
Susan  Coleman Administrative PHEP Coordinator 330-675-7811
Beverly  Cope Environmental Secretary 330-675-7834
Andrea Cramer Environmental Secretary 330-675-7803
Dan  Dean Administrative IT/Fiscal Officer 330-675-7800
Jennifer Francis Nursing Family Support Specialist Coordinator 330-675-7827
Kevin Francis Environmental Public Health Inspector 330-675-7826
Jodi Gearhart Environmental Public Health Inspector 330-675-7824
Patrice Gillems Nursing Family Support Specialist 330-675-7889
William  Gootee Environmental Public Health Inspector 330-675-7810
Greg Hall Environmental Public Health Inspector 330-675-7806
Erin Heckman Nursing Director of Nursing 330-675-7821
Rod  Hedge Environmental Public Health Inspector 330-675-7804
Makenzie Hettrick Administrative Health Educator 330-675-7809
Jennifer Hudson Nursing Family Support Specialist 330-675-7822
Dantan Hutton Environmental Public Health Inspector 330-675-7812
Steve  Kramer Environmental Public Health Inspector 330-675-7813
Kris  Kriebel Administrative Health Educator 330-675-7887
Tomi Cardinale Nursing Public Health Nurse 330-675-7817
Tara Lucente Nursing Family Support Specialist 330-675-7888
Frank Migliozzi Administrative Health Commissioner 330-675-7805
Kevin Minotti Environmental Public Health Inspector 330-675-7801
Maria O’Brien Nursing Public Health Nurse 330-675-7823
Julie  Paolone Environmental Secretary 330-675-7878
Kathy Parrilla Nursing Public Health Nurse 330-675-7818
Steve  Pop Environmental Plumbing Inspector 330-675-7814
Lisa  Spelich Environmental Secretary 330-675-7833
Jason Spencer Environmental Public Health Inspector 330-675-7836
TaNeisha Stevens Nursing Family Support Specialist 330-675-7839
Tony  Veitz Environmental Public Health Inspector 330-675-7830
Shannon Weilacher Nursing Public Health Nurse 330-675-7816
Kris Wilster Environmental Director of Environmental Health 330-675-7802